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About Jenna

Jenna was diagnosed with an illness called Stevens-Johnson Syndrome. Some of the symptoms she encountered were hair loss and blisters on her face and arms. As a young girl in school, as you can imagine, she was bullied due to the way she looked. We took Jenna to Ulta Beauty Salon where they took their time to work with her. She learned to use hair and makeup techniques to conceal her physical symptoms. This dramatically changed her life. Like all of us, Jenna was more than her skin. However, until she liked her reflection in the mirror, she couldn’t be at peace with herself. The truth is, you are more likely to become a
target of bullying if you don’t like yourself. Jenna fell in love with cosmetology and devoted herself to becoming an expert. She used her talent to reach out to other victims of bullying and help them as she had been helped herself. She taught them to love their reflection in the mirror and allowed them to discover the person beneath. In order stop being bullied, she told them, “You must like the person in the mirror,first.”
At the age of 21, while working at Ulta Beauty Salon and continuing her study of cosmetology, Jenna was killed by a drunk driver. This foundation, Jenna’s Dreams, is here to ensure that her dream of helping people in need lives on.

Jenna’s Notes

I was lucky enough to find my passion, and profession in cosmetology. What I do is very important to me. It’s not just about makeup, hair, waxing, or talking with people; it is all the above plus so much more. I never know who comes in to see me, or what kind of day or life they might be having. I have learned that I have the power to create change by making them feel beautiful and amazing about themselves. The vision of watching someone walk away with self confidence that I helped bring about is the greatest feeling in the world to me. To anyone who thinks Cosmetology is not a real “career” or “profession”, please think again. We are professionals and deserve the same amount of respect as any other profession.

Board of Directors

Glenn Adamousky

Gordon Graves

Karla Simpson

Kevin Berman